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From the Counsellor's Desk

Substance Abuse is often seen as a phase occurring due to  the influence of media and peer pressure. It is believed that it only can happen to children belonging to lower working class living in environment of poverty and unfulfilled needs. But the hard reality is that substance use and abuse is happening irrespective of where children are coming from.

Tobacco and alcohol are the most commonly abused drugs by Indian children and adolescents, which represents a significant drug threat. Both are gateway substances and are among the earliest drugs used by children or teenagers. A preadolescent or adolescent who smokes tobacco or drinks alcohol is 65 times more likely to use marijuana than someone who abstains.[3] The younger the age of experimentation, greater the risk of serious health problems.

Screening For Risks

  • Exposure and availability of substances
  • Peer Pressure
  • Bullying
  • Family Problems- looking ways to escape
  • Physical, mental and emotional abuse
  • Frequent risk taking and deviant behavior
  • Recreational experimentations
  • Inadequate and incorrect knowledge about ill effects of substances


  • Early screening and management
  • Family and social support
  • Open and honest conversation with children
  • Being cautious of sudden behavior changes
  • Creating right knowledge and awareness amongst children
  • Taking professional help at the earliest.