Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

A workshop for class 8th was organised on health and hygiene by Dr. Meenakshi chandna and Dr. Sanjay Chandna . They basically focused on oral health and hygiene and how do we need to maintain cleanliness. They discussed good and bad habits for the teeth. Also many tips were given regarding the kind of foods that are healthy for the human body.Diet problems along with maintaining proper health through foods was also discussed .

Interactors spread awareness about maintaining safety on the roads by going from class to class and displaying posters accompanied by a small presentation. The children were told to convey the message to their family members

Birla Vidya Niketan ,a school with a difference ,decided to celebrate Diwali by spreading the light of knowledge , togetherness and happiness. To begin with they went to an urban slum in Kishangarh and did a roadshow to emphasise on the importance of cleanliness.They also interacted with the students of Nai Disha . The BVNites followed this by inviting students of Anubhav another NGO and celebrated Diwali with a lot of fanfare. Hordes of gifts were given to every child,mouthwatering lunch and multiple sporting events brought smiles to the faces of these underprivileged children.

BVN students of the Interact Club visited the Earth Saviours on 23rd may 2017 and painted the walls of the Gurukul. It was noticed during the earlier visit that the surroundings needed to look more cheerful and hence this activity.

Students of home science and interact clubs joint hands to bake Muffins, Cakes, Brownies etc. These were sold during recess to raise funds to buy material for painting the wall of Gurukul at the Earth Saviours.

Labour Day Celebrations: As a special gesture to mark respect toward the help offered by the group D employees of the school, the students invites them a lavish launch on 01st May 2017.   

The Yes Foundation Organised an organ donation camp on 15th April 2017. The aim behind this activity was to raise awareness about the topic. Parents and teachers were encouraged to take pledge to donate their organs after their death so that somebody else could be benefited.