Date Sheet ,Preboard,Syllabus, practical schedule etc in Student login Instead of 31/1/18 the PTI for class X will now be held on 3/2/18 from 9 to 10:30 am. Outing for class X on 31/1/18. Students to be with Id-cards and in school T-shirt & jackets. Off for those students who are not going. Heritage walk for class IX on 30/1/18. Students to be in uniform with Id-cards. Regular school hours. Class X. Optional but recommended, practise tests on full syllabus will be held from 6-13 Feb. Date sheet on website. Class X. National Achievement Survey on 5/2/18. Attendance of your ward mandatory. Heritage walk for class VI on 29/1/18. Students to be in uniform with Id-cards. Regular school hours. .BVN cordially invites parents and students of class XII In view of class XII Citation Ceremony on Mon. 22/1/18, class XI will have an off. Classes X, XII. Due to unavoidable reasons tomorrow's exam will be from 10:15am to 1:30 pm. Students may use regular transport while going back. Many thanks for your cooperation as always. Revise Periodic Assessment III,IV & V and   Syllabus III,IV & V  under students login Class 9,10. In case your ward was absent in 1st/2nd Unit test, it is mandatory for him to appear in the 3rd UT starting from 27/11/17 as per CBSE guidelines. Classes X, XII. CBSE registration data Corrigendum. VI-X. Sat. 18/11/17 (not 28/11/17) will be a regular working day with Thursday's Time Table. Buses will ply as usual. In view of the Govt. guidelines due to poor quality of air, the Jr. Sch. Annual Day is postponed to Sunday, 3rd Dec. 2017 For classes III to XII : The NSO Exam will now be held on 23/11/17. Nursery to XII: In view of govt. guidelines and poor quality of air the school will remain closed on 9th and 10th Nov. 2017. VI-VIII. UT 3 will be held as an activity on notified syllabus between 13th-30th Nov. Class X. Kindly send Rs 750 tomorrow for CBSE registration of your ward. Classes IX, XI. Attendance mandatory on 2/11/2017 to sign the CBSE registration data. Class XII. Intense teaching is happening at school. Kindly ensure your ward's presence to school. Student ID card Classes VII, VIII. PTI Classes VI, IX, XI. PTI Nursery to XII: On account of Chhath Pooja the school will remain closed on 26/10/17. Classes VI-X. Term I result For Class XII: Kindly attend PTI-9/10/17 Class X. PTI for your ward on Fri. 6/10/17 from 2.15 to 3.30 pm. XI, XII. Parents of non- school transport users allowing their wards to leave school on their own at 1:40 pm to send written consent for the same. Else they will be leaving school at 1:55 pm. VI-X. All students NOT using the school transport to leave school at 1:55 pm. Vans from gates 3 & 4. Parents from gates 1 & 2. Parents who drop their wards at Gate No5 of the school by their own vehicles Classes 1 to 5: For Own Transport Escorts OTHER THAN PARENTS (parent authorized relatives, maids, personal or van drivers). Entry through ONLY Gate No. 4 will be permitted at 1:55 pm w.e.f 03.10.2017. VP Classes 1 to 5: For Own Transport PARENT ESCORTS . Entry through ONLY Gate No. 5 will be permitted at 1:30 pm w.e.f 03.10.2017. VP VI-XII. Students will not be allowed to go out of school without their identity cards. Principal-BVN Classes VI-XII. Students who do NOT use school bus and go back home on their own/with any escort other than parents will leave school from gates 3 or 4 ONLY at 1:55pm. w.e.f. 3/10/17. Classes VI-XII. Parents who pick up their wards from school to do so from gates 1 & 2 at 1:35 pm w.e.f. 3/10/17. Own Transport- Parents/Students Class 11 B D E H to attend ASL Speaking skills on 8/9/17 For Vi-xi: Just a reminder. In view of exams morning sports coaching will remain suspended during September '17. Classes Nursery to IV: School will remain closed for classes Nursery to IV on Tuesday, 05-09-2017 on account of Teachers’ Day. VP Class V: On account of Teachers’ Day on Tuesday, 05-09-2017, the school will get over at 10:45 a.m. Buses will leave at 11:00am. VP Classes X-XII: In view of the Teachers' day on tue.5/9/17, the school will get over at 10:45 am. Buses will leave at 11 am. VI to IX: In view of the Teachers' day on tue. 5/9/17, your ward will have a holiday. For Classes X, XI, XII: Dear parents, Kindly attend International Education Fair in school on Fri. 1/9/17 from 11am to 1pm. Vi-XII : after school extra classes Class X G : Maths Practice test for 'Intro. & Applications of Trigonometry'.... Class X : Maths Practice test for 'Intro. & Applications of Trigonometry' ...... For XI A,C  and  XII A,B,C,D,E,F Procedure for Student login ! Message for VI-XII (Posted on 2-8-2017) Private vans user Half Yearly Exams Vi-X & Terminal -1 Syllabus for classes XI & XII under student login Classes VI-XII. (UT-1,UT-2 )syllabus posted TRANSPORT Children reaching school on their own

Senior Section

Faculty -

Senior Section
Faculty (2017-18)
1 Mohini Goel PGT-ACCTS/B.ST
2 Seema Duggal PGT-ACCTS/B.ST
3 Preeti Chakrobarty PGT-ACCTS/B.ST
4 Mamta Sahni PGT-ACCTS/B.ST
5 Sabrina Walia PGT-ECO
6 Surinder Pal PGT-ECO
7 Vandana Bahl PGT-ECO
8 Piya Narang PGT-HISTORY
9 Gayatri Kapur PGT-GEOGRAPHY
10 Nandini Baweja PGT-POL.SC.
11 Amrita Singh PGT-PSYCHOLOGY
12 Pragya Nopany PGT-PHYSICS
13 Ashish Bhattacharya PGT-PHYSICS
14 Deepti Srivastava PGT-CHEMISTRY
15 Aloka Bose PGT-BIOLOGY
16 Fay Bellew PGT-ENGLISH
17 Bharti Puri PGT-ENGLISH
18 Seema Das Garg PGT-ENGLISH
19 Megha Anand PRT-ENGLISH
20 Isha Rani TGT-ENGLISH
21 Pragya Joseph TGT-ENGLISH
22 Shilpi Bhaskar TGT-ENGLISH
23 Zeeta lawrence TGT-ENGLISH
24 Shweta Sushmita TGT-ENGLISH
25 Trishla Jain TGT-ENGLISH
26 Shipra Malhotra TGT-ENGLISH
27 Kuhu Guha TGT-ENGLISH
28 Seema Dutt PGT-ENGLISH
29 Sumana Ganguly TGT-ENGLISH
30 Deepali Khulbe TGT-ENGLISH
31 Neeraj Choudhary PGT-MATHS
32 Priyanka Chauhan PGT-MATHS
33 Bharti Arora PGT-MATHS
34 Disha Bansal PRT-MATHS
35 Deepika Bagchi  TGT-MATHS
36 Mona Malik TGT-MATHS
37 Tripti Mishra TGT-MATHS
38 Deepa TGT-MATHS
39 Meenakshi Rana TGT-MATHS
40 Deepti Gupta TGT-MATHS
41 Shilpi Gupta TGT-MATHS
42 Monika Bhanjana TGT-MATHS
43 Deepika Pareekh PGT-COMP. SC.
44 Vijeta Bhatia TGT-COMP. SC.
45 Mona Chopra TGT-COMP. SC.
46 Vidya Bakshi PRT-COMP. SC.
47 Smriti Pal TGT-FRENCH
48 Jyoti Sharma TGT-FRENCH
49 Harmukhi Sharma PRT-HINDI
50 Meenakshi Sharma TGT-HINDI
51 Swati Pathak TGT-HINDI
52 Renu Gaur TGT-HINDI
53 Karuna Shukla TGT-HINDI
54 P.K.Thakur TGT-HINDI
55 K. K. Thakur TGT-HINDI
56 Sumana Sarkar TGT-S.ST
57 Rupam Jha PRT-S.ST
58 Nikita Sharma TGT-S.ST
59 Poonam TGT-S.ST
60 Munmun Sharma TGT-S.ST
61 Meghna Vig TGT-S.ST
62 Rajni Hasija TGT-S.ST
63 Mridusmita Hazarika TGT-S.ST
64 Divya Mirchandani TGT-S.ST
65 Pooja Singh TGT-S.ST.
66 Pooja Wadhwa TGT-HOME SCIENCE
67 Kumari Swati TGT-SCIENCE
68 Suchita Sajwan TGT-SCIENCE
69 Jyotika Tayal PRT-SCIENCE
70 Pratibha Balodhi TGT-SCIENCE
71 Hemlata Pandey TGT-SCIENCE
72 Saleeja Naskar TGT-SCIENCE
73 Paramjit Kaur TGT-SCIENCE
74 Sanyukta Bhattacharya TGT-SCIENCE
75 Shweta Sharma TGT-SCIENCE
76 Kirti Bhardwaj TGT-PHYSICS
77 B.N. Jha Yogabharti TGT-YOGA
78 B. Srinivas TGT-PET
79 Alok Kumar TGT-PET
80 Suman Avinash Rawat TGT-PET
81 Tarun Kumar PRT-PET
82 Prashanto Chakravorty PRT-TABLA
83 Mridul Nath TGT- MUSIC
84 Saroj Mohanti TGT- MUSIC
85 Pulak Mukherjee TGT-ART
86 Sushanto Guha TGT-CLAY MOULDING
87 Sampriti Mahanta TGT-DANCE
88 Pushpa Bharti (Special Educator) Special Educator
89 Sarika Saini (Nurse) STAFF NURSE
90 Astha Sahrma COUNSELLOR
92 Payal Malhotra LIBRARIAN