Director And Manager

We, at BVN, see a child as a powerhouse of curiosity. Thus, we create an environment which inspires learners to eagerly look forward to their classrooms, where their interests are nurtured, where they will envision a glorious future - not just careers but path-breaking discoveries and ventures and where they will learn to respond to the higher call of serving humanity. We are devoted to creating leaders of tomorrow who will be trailblazers. .We believe that the actions of a great man provide inspiration to others and whatever he does becomes a standard for them to follow. Thus a curriculum where we can create great leaders and torchbearers, where our children's voices and lives find meaning and where their imagination and potentialities are unleashed to explore, experiment and discover true knowledge is evolved .We hope to make them morally courageous to stand at the edge of the precipice and soar into the sky with confidence.

R.K. Ganeriwala