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From the Counsellor's Desk

Dear All

The debate regarding the importance and relevance of summer vacations has been an ongoing one for many years. With various opinions ranging from shorter break to longer ones or none at all or with no exams or homework, it still has been the most awaited event each year. As we are approaching the end of the summer vacations, myriad thoughts run amok amongst children and parents. Is our homework done? Are we ready for the exams as the school reopens? Have we enjoyed enough outings? The scene may vary but thoughts remain the same.

Summer learning loss is a well discussed band researched topic where in researchers have noted a significant loss in mathematical and reading skills during vacations mainly due to lack of practice and revision. There are various ways to manage a healthy break-

  • Keeping a regular and similar routine to school time
  • Balancing between studies and traveling
  • Learning to prioritize activities
  • Emphasis on mathematical and reading skills
  • Innovative activities
  • Managing and limiting screen time
  • Enjoying a good healthy and meaningful break


Though viewed as an inconvenience by many, examinations post summer vacations play a key role in combating learning loss and ensuring revision of previously learned topics.