An educationist with a progressive vision, Mrs. Jayashree Mohta has pursued the mission of the founders Dr. Smt. Sarala Birla and Shri B.K.Birla and enriched it further with her invaluable experience in the field. Mrs. Mohta’s exceptional leadership qualities, dynamism, courage of conviction and unwavering commitment to excellence continues to guide and inspire us. She is an exemplary role model for us and for all who aspire to achieve the impossible and strive to transform their dreams into reality.

She says,We nurture an ambience of quality and an aesthetic culture where the children imbibe the finest traditions, think freely, revere their national heritage and hold fast their ethical values to emerge as confident global citizens.”

She adds,We empower the learner with seeds of knowledge, to give a holistic demeanour and aim to let them soar high, to help the learners touch the sky.”

Jayashree Mohta