The foundation of the school, laid more than three decades ago, has only become stronger with each passing year. The students that enter the hallowed gates of the Birla Vidya Niketan are moulded to perfection, by not only the very dedicated and inspired faculty but also the exceptional curriculum followed, which enables each pupil to prove himself worthy in the real world. Education is preparing the child for life and we are completely devoted to making our children aware and perceptive. Our focus is on learning rather than teaching.

The myriad opportunities that the students find themselves encompassed with, equips them to embark on a journey to finally discover themselves. The competitiveness is kept alive, but the values instilled in them from the very beginning are manifested in their spirit of team work, bonhomieand camaraderie. The students are guided to collate and draw conclusions, they are encouraged to be inquisitive, and they are inspired to be creative. Imparting practical knowledge is the need of the hour, and that cannot happen within the walls of the classroom alone hence, classroom learning is unified with field trips and excursions. We aim,for our students to becomeGlobal Citizens, yet feel pride and joy in being an Indian.

A wholesome experience is what the students find here- an experience that binds their strength of heart, mind and body – metamorphosing them into a whole new being; ready to take on any challenge!

Gayatri Kapur