Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

DATE- 14.08.19



DESCRIPTION- The students of the interact club and social outreach committee of BVN organised an event wherein they honoured 20 JAWANS of the BSF by singing and dancing on patriotic songs , along with a nukkadnatak on values taught by Gandhiji. The school’s alumni also participated in the program to pay their regards to the JAWAANS by exhibiting their talent. Each student of BVN donated 100 rupees and the cumulative amount of Rs. 2,23,970 was gifted to the brave hearts.

The presence of Rotarians added glory to the show. INAYAT, the interact club of BVN also introduced the ‘EACH ONE , TEACH ONE ‘program where they promised to educate the guards of BVN and teach them basic English.

PARTICIPANTS- JAWANS of BSF, Rotary club members, interactors, students from social outreach committee from class11, the school’s alumni, the principal and school students.


Date – 17.05.2019

Event name – Interact Investiture ceremony

Venue – Birla Vidya Niketan

Description – The Investiture ceremony was held to invest the new council of Inayat .The outgoing council along with exceptional students of the interact club were given certificates . The program included two dance performances and a song. The report of 2018-19 was shared along with the vision statement . Computer and tailoring students were given certificates.

Participants – Rotary club members, Members of Innerwheel , interactors , students from social outreach committee from class 11 and the principal.

Teachers In Charge – Ms. Sumana Ganguly, Ms. Meghna Vig

Event Name: Old Age Home Visit

Venue: Durga Dignity & Welfare for Old & Child NGO, Vasant Kunj

Description: The interactors of Birla Vidya Niketan talked with the elders in the home and got to know about their lives and past experiences. They performed dance and sang for them, and played games along with them. Some students gifted them their piece of art. The elders were delighted too and happy to bless all of them.

Participants: People in the Old Age Home, some class 7 students and the interactors.

Teacher In Charge: Ms. Meghna Vig

Date: 01.05.2019

Event Name: Labour’s Day Celebration

Venue: Canteen, Birla Vidya Niketan

Description: The interactors invited all guards and helpers of the school to celebrate May Day. The interactors served them food to show their gratefulness and respect, and they also interacted with them to know more about their lives and routines.

Teachers in charge: Ms. Sumana Ganguly, Ms. Rupam

Date 20.04.2019

Event name: Chocolate and Cake Baking Workshop

Venue: Nai Disha, Kishangarh

Description: 18 students of Nai Disha were taught chocolate and cake baking by Ms Pooja Wadhwa and her volunteers through a workshop. They were taught how to bake a cake and make chocolates out of simple and cheap store bought ingredients. The recipe was given to them along with a demonstration in which the students had a hands-on experience. All the 18 students participated enthusiastically and were given the product put together at the end.

Participants: Students of Nai Disha and Interactors

Teachers in charge: Ms. Sumana Ganguly, Ms. Pooja Wadhwa.

Date 20.04.2019

Event name: Anti-Tobacco Awareness Program

Venue: Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj

Description: The interactors went to Kishangarh to spread awareness about consuming tobacco and its consequences. They pasted posters on the walls in the area. They also took interviews of people and surveyed about their consumption of tobacco, cigarette etc. Given are the findings from the surveys:

  1. Pooran, who irons clothes has been consuming tobacco since 6-7 years and says that he is aware of its consequences but finds it very tough to leave. Though he says that he will definitely try to control it now.
  2. Bobby, a tailor who has been consuming alcohol since 14 years, didn’t know much of its consequences. He now pledges to stop doing so.
  3. Rekha, a housewife, agrees to having consumed tobacco since she was 10 years old.
  4. Malinder, another person, whereas denies consuming any such thing, being well aware of its consequences.

Teachers in charge: Ms. Sumana Ganguly, Ms. Pooja Wadhwa

Date: 18 November 2018


Event: Health camp at NGO Nai Disha


Description: The BVN interactors went to Nai Disha on 18 November. They helped the teachers and doctors in checkup of the students over there. They informed the kids about the importance of good nutrition-full diet , why brushing twice is important and also had a good discussion on the negative impact of junk food and how to incorporate more vegetables in the diet .


Participants:Anika , Palak , Arnav , Sarangi and Sakshi


Teacher in charge: Sumana Ganguly


Event : Fundraiser – Muffins and Chocolate Sale

Description : The students of the Interact Club raised funds for organising a Diwali Mela for the Nai Disha NGO children. This was done by selling chocolates and Muffins made by the interactors themselves.

Participants : Interact Students

Teachers in charge : Ms. Sumana Ganguly and Dr. Meghna Vig